Frank Monte, Centurion Professional: Marketing Approaches for Small Business Owners

Frank Monte, lead professional and owner of Centurion, knows the value of a good marketing strategy, particularly for those responsible for the operation and oversight of a small enterprise. An entrepreneur and business owner throughout his career, Monte knows how difficult it can be for small businesses reach and attract customers, making a good, comprehensive marketing approach such an important facet of operation.

The following tips may be of help to those seeking a stronger reach in their local marketplace:

Focus on Enhancing Your Online Visibility

As a small business owner, it’s important your enterprise grow and nurture a strong presence on social media, and in search results. Though the implementation of a digital marketing strategy may seem out of your company’s depth, it’s absolutely crucial in a world where most business is conducted online.

Be Engaged in Your Community and Your Industry

Marketing your business is about much more than creating flyers or posting ads in the local paper. Taking the time to attend local events, and to engage your company in community-based philanthropy, helps to show potential customers that you value your place in the community, and that you share a common bond with its citizens.



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