Frank Monte: Preparing for Law School as an Undergrad

Frank Monte doesn’t miss many opportunities to face a challenge. An intrepid entrepreneur and business owner, Frank Monte enjoys the chance to place himself in new situations, and to take on new obstacles as opportunities to learn, adapt and develop both personally and professionally.

Now an undergraduate nearing his way to law school, Frank Monte is facing what is perhaps one of the most challenging paths he will take in his career: the law. Equipped with an enthusiasm for helping others, and an eagerness to learn and grow, Monte is currently setting the stage for what promises to be yet another successful chapter in his professional career.

Frank Monte.jpg

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Preparing for the onslaught of reading, writing, and researching required of students in law school is essential; particularly for those looking to stand out among their peers while developing the network they need to begin a successful legal career. To ready yourself for the workload of law school, it helps to:

  • Work on your writing skills. There is certainly no shortage of writing involved in law school, and sharpening your ability to write won’t hurt.
  • Study for the LSAT now. It’s never too early to begin study for the LSAT, as the test is known to overwhelm those who have failed to prepare adequately.



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