Frank Monte: Black Sand Real Estate

Frank Monte founded what is now called Black Sand Real Estate in 2005. A year before, he walked out of the Cheesecake Factory, never to work there again. In striking out on his own, he found success quickly, with Black Sand Real Estate rising in spite of the real estate crash in 2008. Monte kept his business afloat by helping people who were facing foreclosure. Homeowner Answers, LLC helped homeowners get through the misrepresentation, lies, and leverage by their lenders to stay above water and avoid foreclosure in the darkest days of the Great Recession.

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Many people lost their homes due to the irresponsible acts that mortgage lenders took in the lead-up to 2008. But some were able to keep their homes and avoid having their credit annihilated due to Frank Monte. “What made my company different and ultimately became a huge success story was I never charged the homeowners a dime!” Monte said. As a result, Monte became known for his work and Black Sand Real Estate survived the worst of the real estate crisis.

Frank Monte is a marketing expert who has helped several businesses and people build livelihoods.


Frank Monte: Taking on British Petroleum

Frank Monte is a marketing executive and small business owner who turned into an activist when a lawyer contacted him about the settlement British Petroleum (BP) was creating for those affected by the massive oil rig disaster and spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Frank Monte realized that the blanket settlement BP was offering to Gulf private residents and businesses who lost countless dollars and their homes due to the spill was designed to help keep BP from paying as much as they would have to if each separate business or individual sued them individually.

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So Frank Monte used his connections and his marketing skills to build a following of small businesses and residents of his community to sue BP separately. Monte set up weekly seminars explaining why this was necessary and how everyone could benefit. After a short time, “we had so many people coming on Thursday nights we ran out of seats and it became standing room only.” BP responded by slowing down the claims process in the hopes that most would drop them.

Unfortunately, it worked. Frank Monte eventually sold his claim for less than fifty percent of what it was worth, but he never gave up the fight for better environmental protection.


Frank Monte: Create a Better Customer Service Experience Today

A serial entrepreneur and business leader, Frank Monte knows that no matter what industry or business you’re in, the customer experience comes first. The leader of a local marketing firm and former head of a number of successful enterprises, Monte has taken care to zero in each organization’s focus on the customer experience, and to ensure each customer receives the utmost in attention and care between each end of the transaction.

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Approaching customer service from this experience perspective, as Frank Monte knows, is key to building and sustaining a successful enterprise. An experience-based perspective is dependent upon:

  • Empowering your employees. As team leader, it is your responsibility to empower your employees with the resources and freedom needed to address customer concerns at any point in the customer experience. Giving your staff the room needed (within reason, of course) to make things right with the customer is essential to the cultivation of customer loyalty and repeat business.

  • Fulfilling promises. Critical to a great customer experience is the fulfillment of promises. Never promise the customer anything you can’t deliver on, and always take steps to follow through on what you’ve promised to deliver.


Frank Monte: Is Your Website Helping Your Business?

Frank Monte provides trusted, multi-faceted marketing services and solutions to his customers. The owner of a local marketing firm, Frank Monte is looked to by small businesses and local professionals not only for improving their potential reach throughout the community, but for establishing a familiar, resonating brand that stays in the customer’s mind for the long-term.

One integral feature of Frank Monte’s services is that of website design and development; a key component of any modern-day marketing strategy. As Monte knows, the right website can make all the difference between a solid, profitable online footprint and digital obscurity, which is why he works diligently to craft sites with a strong focus on the user experience.

Frank Monte

Frank Monte

The best business websites are designed:

With simplicity and consistency, answering critical questions your customers may have about your products while making it easy to navigate to the next course of action.

Display the company’s products/services prominently and consistently on each page; an element that helps to eliminate potential confusion and to give your business solid brand identity and connection.

Makes the purchase process easy, simple and secure, as convenience is the name of the game in online commerce.

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