Frank Monte: Create a Better Customer Service Experience Today

A serial entrepreneur and business leader, Frank Monte knows that no matter what industry or business you’re in, the customer experience comes first. The leader of a local marketing firm and former head of a number of successful enterprises, Monte has taken care to zero in each organization’s focus on the customer experience, and to ensure each customer receives the utmost in attention and care between each end of the transaction.

14. Frank Monte with brother and family.JPG

Approaching customer service from this experience perspective, as Frank Monte knows, is key to building and sustaining a successful enterprise. An experience-based perspective is dependent upon:

  • Empowering your employees. As team leader, it is your responsibility to empower your employees with the resources and freedom needed to address customer concerns at any point in the customer experience. Giving your staff the room needed (within reason, of course) to make things right with the customer is essential to the cultivation of customer loyalty and repeat business.

  • Fulfilling promises. Critical to a great customer experience is the fulfillment of promises. Never promise the customer anything you can’t deliver on, and always take steps to follow through on what you’ve promised to deliver.



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