Frank Monte: Black Sand Real Estate

Frank Monte founded what is now called Black Sand Real Estate in 2005. A year before, he walked out of the Cheesecake Factory, never to work there again. In striking out on his own, he found success quickly, with Black Sand Real Estate rising in spite of the real estate crash in 2008. Monte kept his business afloat by helping people who were facing foreclosure. Homeowner Answers, LLC helped homeowners get through the misrepresentation, lies, and leverage by their lenders to stay above water and avoid foreclosure in the darkest days of the Great Recession.

13. Frank Monte clear eyes happy heart.jpg

Many people lost their homes due to the irresponsible acts that mortgage lenders took in the lead-up to 2008. But some were able to keep their homes and avoid having their credit annihilated due to Frank Monte. “What made my company different and ultimately became a huge success story was I never charged the homeowners a dime!” Monte said. As a result, Monte became known for his work and Black Sand Real Estate survived the worst of the real estate crisis.

Frank Monte is a marketing expert who has helped several businesses and people build livelihoods.


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