Frank Monte Centurion: Giving the Underdog a Voice, Homeowner Answers LLC

Frank Monte is the owner of Centurion, a marketing firm in Florida. Frank Monte currently has his sights set on becoming a lawyer. But up until now, he has spent many years in marketing.

He also started a real estate company just as the housing market was collapsing, but turned that into a positive by creating a company called Homeowner Answers, LLC. That company represented homeowners on the verge of losing their homes to lenders. His strategy was to hire negotiators who tried to work out deals where homeowner debt would be forgiven, and the company had a lot of success.

“Sometimes the lenders wouldn’t go quietly into the night,” he says, “so I had to step up our game. I was able to find attorneys that would help my clients pro bono, and ultimately shift the tide back on our side and gain a better leveraging position.” Major lenders had taken hundreds of millions of dollars through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). “Instead of helping homeowners underwater, they did everything they could to try and leverage the homeowner for everything they had to their names.”

Most of those homeowners were struggling even before the housing crisis, he says, and he found it gut-wrenching to watch. “Homeowner Answers LLC gave the underdog a voice, and a fighting chance.”

Eventually Homeowner Answers LLC ran its course, as the environment that created it stabilised. Frank Monte of Centurion intends to continue fighting for the underdog once he has become a licensed attorney.


Frank Monte Centurion: Tips for Aspiring Lawyers

Based in Wesley Chapel, Florida, Frank Monte is the owner of Centurion, a highly regarded marketing firm offering a diverse spread of products. Although he has already achieved a great deal of success both in the marketing and real estate professions, he plans to attend law school, a next step that will increase his impact to assist more clients than ever.


Frank Monte owner of Centurion knows that getting some hands-on experience to be certain about the choice is a great first step for aspiring lawyers. While the law profession may be glamorised on TV, in reality, both new and seasoned lawyers are going to be working long hours in high-stress environments. Be sure that you choose a field that you enjoy, ensuring that you remain dedicated and engaged.

With a history of fighting for vulnerable clients, he has decided to pursue law school because he is aware that not all lawyers seek to help those who need it the most. Frank Monte is dedicated to providing only the finest services and looks forward to meeting clients new to Centurion.