Frank Monte Centurion: Build Success in the Real Estate Field


Frank Monte Centurion: Tips for Aspiring Lawyers

Based in Wesley Chapel, Florida, Frank Monte is the owner of Centurion, a highly regarded marketing firm offering a diverse spread of products. Although he has already achieved a great deal of success both in the marketing and real estate professions, he plans to attend law school, a next step that will increase his impact to assist more clients than ever.


Frank Monte owner of Centurion knows that getting some hands-on experience to be certain about the choice is a great first step for aspiring lawyers. While the law profession may be glamorised on TV, in reality, both new and seasoned lawyers are going to be working long hours in high-stress environments. Be sure that you choose a field that you enjoy, ensuring that you remain dedicated and engaged.

With a history of fighting for vulnerable clients, he has decided to pursue law school because he is aware that not all lawyers seek to help those who need it the most. Frank Monte is dedicated to providing only the finest services and looks forward to meeting clients new to Centurion.

Frank Monte Centurion: Black Sand Real Estate

As the owner of Centurion, a highly successful marketing firm based in Florida, Frank Monte knows first-hand that creating a prosperous business depends on a hard day’s work. Black Sand Real Estate, one of his many success stories, is dedicated to providing clients with tailored services that will ultimately help customers achieve their dreams.

real-estate-149902_960_720Having received his license in real estate brokerage in 2005, Monte entered the field at arguably one of the most difficult periods in the profession. Through his own business model, he was responsible for enabling hundreds of homeowners to keep their houses when foreclosure became a very real possibility during the housing crisis.

With a focus on accessibility, Frank Monte is dedicated to providing only the finest services with Black Sand Real Estate, Frank Monte Centurion, and his other companies. With a positive “can-do” attitude, he is always prepared for the next challenge. He is currently finishing his undergraduate degree and looks forward to attending law school.