Frank Monte: Taking on British Petroleum

Frank Monte is a marketing executive and small business owner who turned into an activist when a lawyer contacted him about the settlement British Petroleum (BP) was creating for those affected by the massive oil rig disaster and spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Frank Monte realized that the blanket settlement BP was offering to Gulf private residents and businesses who lost countless dollars and their homes due to the spill was designed to help keep BP from paying as much as they would have to if each separate business or individual sued them individually.

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So Frank Monte used his connections and his marketing skills to build a following of small businesses and residents of his community to sue BP separately. Monte set up weekly seminars explaining why this was necessary and how everyone could benefit. After a short time, “we had so many people coming on Thursday nights we ran out of seats and it became standing room only.” BP responded by slowing down the claims process in the hopes that most would drop them.

Unfortunately, it worked. Frank Monte eventually sold his claim for less than fifty percent of what it was worth, but he never gave up the fight for better environmental protection.



Frank Monte: Preparing for Law School as an Undergrad

Frank Monte doesn’t miss many opportunities to face a challenge. An intrepid entrepreneur and business owner, Frank Monte enjoys the chance to place himself in new situations, and to take on new obstacles as opportunities to learn, adapt and develop both personally and professionally.

Now an undergraduate nearing his way to law school, Frank Monte is facing what is perhaps one of the most challenging paths he will take in his career: the law. Equipped with an enthusiasm for helping others, and an eagerness to learn and grow, Monte is currently setting the stage for what promises to be yet another successful chapter in his professional career.

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Preparing for the onslaught of reading, writing, and researching required of students in law school is essential; particularly for those looking to stand out among their peers while developing the network they need to begin a successful legal career. To ready yourself for the workload of law school, it helps to:

  • Work on your writing skills. There is certainly no shortage of writing involved in law school, and sharpening your ability to write won’t hurt.
  • Study for the LSAT now. It’s never too early to begin study for the LSAT, as the test is known to overwhelm those who have failed to prepare adequately.


Frank Monte, Centurion Founder: Building a Successful Organization

Frank Monte, Centurion Founder, knows a thing or two about developing a successful enterprise. The Founder of a successful marketing firm, a successful real estate firm and a homeowners-assistance firm (Homeowner Answers, LLC), Monte has earned the reputation as a proven, serial entrepreneur; someone with the drive, passion, intelligence and work ethic needed not just to see his ideas come to fruition, but to transform them into commercial success stories.



A successful business, as Frank Monte of Centurion knows, is built on:


Without an authentic passion for the idea, service or product being offered, it’s hard to get an idea off the ground, much less to transform it into something commercially sustainable.

Frank Monte, Centurion


Successful companies aren’t built overnight. Weeks, months, even years of sweat, blood and tears are what turn companies into promising, sustainable enterprises.

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Frank Monte, Centurion

Frank Monte, Centurion

A Reliable Workforce

It’s hard to launch an idea on one’s own, particularly when the competition is working hard to outpace and shut out any threats to their existence. Taking care to hire the right support team, one with the talent, ambition and dedication needed to see the company through to the next level, is essential to a successful operation.

Frank Monte Centurion: Ambitious Business Owner

Frank Monte is the owner of Bond Auto Glass, and of Centurion Holdings, a marketing firm in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

He is a high school dropout who later went back to school to earn his GED. Frank Monte of Centurion has started several businesses during the course of his career, including a real estate company. “I started a real estate company at the worst possible time, just before the housing market crashed,” he recalls. “I created a niche following the housing crisis and helped hundreds of homeowners avoid the inevitable.” This took the form of Homeowner Answers, LLC, “the answer for many homeowners struggling to survive.”

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Next, he went into the insurance arena. “I loved the concept of Indexed Universal Life or IUL insurance policies because my clients’ money was virtually never at risk,” he says. “It wasn’t tied to the stock market and it had two other major components I fell in love with. Living Benefits, and LIBOR, or Lifetime Income Benefit Rider.” It was a combination of flexibility and investment growth that was a great fit for many of his clients. “If you, God forbid, didn’t have a major life changing event where you did cash in your life policy, you could simply turn on your income stream and receive a check every month for the rest of your natural life.”

Today, Frank Monte of Centurion is in college completing work on his undergraduate degree. But it doesn’t stop there; once he has his degree he intends to go on to law school and become a lawyer. “You could be a high school drop-out born and raised in poverty and do anything you set your mind to.”