Frank Monte: Is Your Website Helping Your Business?

Frank Monte provides trusted, multi-faceted marketing services and solutions to his customers. The owner of a local marketing firm, Frank Monte is looked to by small businesses and local professionals not only for improving their potential reach throughout the community, but for establishing a familiar, resonating brand that stays in the customer’s mind for the long-term.

One integral feature of Frank Monte’s services is that of website design and development; a key component of any modern-day marketing strategy. As Monte knows, the right website can make all the difference between a solid, profitable online footprint and digital obscurity, which is why he works diligently to craft sites with a strong focus on the user experience.

Frank Monte

Frank Monte

The best business websites are designed:

With simplicity and consistency, answering critical questions your customers may have about your products while making it easy to navigate to the next course of action.

Display the company’s products/services prominently and consistently on each page; an element that helps to eliminate potential confusion and to give your business solid brand identity and connection.

Makes the purchase process easy, simple and secure, as convenience is the name of the game in online commerce.

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Frank Monte: Turning Marketing into Mission

In 2012, Frank Monte was introduced to a cause that would forever change the direction of his life and his business. The owner of a local marketing firm, Frank Monte soon thereafter dedicated his company to helping small business owners recoup their losses following the 2010 BP Oil Spill; an event that wreaked havoc on the region and led to the financial distress and ruin of many throughout the Gulf Coast area.